Here I Sit (by Susan Pettit, Guest Blogger)

“There’s actually an infinity of stories all around us more dramatic than any movie.
For true story finders, the world is a scavenger hunt.”
– Latif Nasser, Radio Lab

Join Firefly on a scavenger hunt this year as we welcome guest bloggers, whose new and varied perspectives, voices, and experiences tell a story more dramatic than any movie! Today, we feature a peom by Susan Pettit:

Here I Sit

Here I sit in my chemo chair – reminiscing about my hair.

As I look around at all the faces, I realize cancer comes from many places.

It does not discriminate based on short or tall and doesn’t care if you are big or small.

We sit in our chairs minding our own business as the IV drips….drips continuous.

Sometimes the room is full to the brim and other times it seems I am the only one in.

As I continue to sit and receive my treatment I look around with pure amazement.

People talking and chatting with friends, you would never know we are all sick and just hoping to mend.

There is a sense of connection where words are unspoken. We are all fighting a piece inside that has been shattered and broken.

Cancer thinks it can take our courage and spirit but if you ask anyone here they will say “no way – I won’t let it.”

So as the drip drip of the IV comes to an end, I am grateful for these strangers who

I know deep down are really all God’s friends.


Written by Susan Pettit.  A hobbyist writer, breast cancer survivor, and on-line vintage shop proprietor living with two intuitive loving fur balls, Coco Chanel and Baby Bella.  Breast cancer awakened my writing (I call it lifestyle therapy) in the pursuit of a re-purposed life.  Thank you Firefly Sisterhood for letting me share some of my raw truth-telling stories.

4 thoughts on “Here I Sit (by Susan Pettit, Guest Blogger)

  1. Susan, those words ebbed from a far far deeper place. My heart will pray for you during the night. Few will be fortunate enough to know or experience that powerful humility you now have.
    My wife has stage 4. We are one with you and your loved ones. Write every day, or doodle, or both. Be aware, I’m watching your back.

  2. Donna DeGracia on said:

    Hi Susan,
    I am on my second round of breast cancer and have been working on a book based on interviews I have done with other breast cancer patients, families, and medical providers (I also happen to be a physician assistant). Each chapter of the book begins with a few lines of poetry (with the full poems included in an index). I would love to include your poem as it reflects a number of the themes of the book. Please let me know whether you are OK with me using it or not. Donna

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