2021: A New Year, A New Purpose

Over the past nine months, the Firefly Sisterhood Board of Directors has undertaken a review of the organization’s work, our purpose, and our strategic goals. We are a breast cancer organization with a focus on matching women experiencing breast cancer with inspirational survivors.

In June of 2020, the board met with Adrienne Jordan of the Prouty Project in a two-hour virtual workshop to explore where we are and where we want to go. It was a robust discussion. The group explored whether the mission statement needed to be changed to a purpose statement. It did. What are the pressing issues we need to address? There are three, and what are our next steps.

The board agreed that our purpose is to encourage wellbeing and hope through meaningful connections. Connections that are one-to-one and occur in a variety of ways. Connections that reduce stress to increase healing and light the way. Connections that provide hope.

Firefly Sisterhood has three strategic issues: financial sustainability, inclusion/diversity, and expansion (geographic and partnerships). The board settled on economic sustainability and inclusion and equity work as a place to start.

The board will concentrate on these two areas over the next year. Being an action-oriented board, they have already started.

Firefly Sisterhood is committed to being an organization more reflective of the population of the community we serve- board members, Guides, women experiencing breast cancer, and those touched by breast cancer. By reviewing current research on health equity in breast cancer and conducting focus groups, the board is committed to ensuring all women find the support they need.

Our first step is to be an active participant in the Minnesota Cancer Alliance’s upcoming summit on eliminating barriers to excellent cancer care for all households. More details can be found here.

The staff and board members are also convening a work group to look at access through the continuum of care for breast cancer patients and what needs to change.

We would love to hear your thoughts about our program and our strategic goals.

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