A Day in the Life of COVID: April 2020

In Part 2 of this mini-blog series of journal exerpts from Susan Pettit, Firefly Guide and writer, COVID lock-down fatigue has set in.

Day 22

A day in the life of COVID.

A day in the life of COVID has me looking at the mundane. The hours in a day where you wonder what in the “bleep” have I done all day. The discovery that it’s mundane to write about the mundane. I call it “quarantine quicksand.” A healing site with spiritual teachings leads to a podcast, which leads to national newspaper reading which leads me back to resilience websites and ultimately registering for my 5th online free teaching. It’s 5 hours later, do you know where your kids are? That familiar PSA announcement conjures up my own question of where have I been the last several hours.

The virus crisis has made me look at the here and now. The way I’m living. Moving ahead with projects I’ve put off. What do I need. What don’t I need. What do I find relaxing at home and what is causing stress. The mundane for some might just be the quirky spectacular for others in the day in the life of COVID.

Would you like to find out how to use writing or journaling as a means to cope throughout trauma? Resources include:

  • Pathways Minneapolis offers several free journaling and writing classes specific to those with an illnesses, those desiring healing, body-centric or mind-centric, and more.
  • People Incorporated in St. Paul has an Artability program that provides free art workshops, including creative journaling and painting poems, to the general public to promote mental health in the community.
  • The Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis offers many writing and journaling classes, such as Writing for Transformation and Writing Your Memoir, with varying fees.
  • Open Book in Minneapolis offers events and quiet space to write and find inspiration.
  • White Bear Center for the Arts offers fee-based journaling and writing roundtable classes.

There are several online websites that can help as well:

Written by Susan Pettit. A hobbyist writer, breast cancer survivor, and on-line vintage shop proprietor living with two intuitive loving fur balls, Coco Chanel and Baby Bella. Breast cancer awakened my writing (I call it lifestyle therapy) in the pursuit of a re-purposed life. Thank you Firefly Sisterhood for letting me share some of my raw truth-telling stories.

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