The mission of The Firefly Sisterhood is to foster one-to-one connections between women experiencing breast cancer and inspirational survivors.

In reaching out to our communities, we’ve learned that when it comes to breast cancer:

  • Emotional health and physical healing are linked.
  • Family and friend fatigue is real.
  • Connecting one-to-one with someone who has walked a similar path has a powerful effect.

Research by the American Cancer Society shows “treatment that deals with emotions and relationships (sometimes called psychosocial interventions) can help people with cancer feel more upbeat and have a better quality of life.” Strong personal relationships help reduce tension and anxiety in women with breast cancer, and may lower their risk of depression.

Holly’s Story

Through our efforts, we hope to usher in a future where no woman faces breast cancer alone.

“When I initially called the program manager, I said, ‘I don’t know if you have anyone on your Guide list that fits this bill, but I am a young woman with two small children at home, and I just was diagnosed with fairly advanced breast cancer, and I want to talk to someone who is in a similar situation as me.’ And so when I reached out to the Firefly Sisterhood, it was — it was like the first time I was able to breathe a little bit.” Recently Diagnosed Woman

Meghan’s Story

Our Organization

Founded in 2014, our organization is governed by a board of directors, including seven survivors:

Board of Directors 2020-2021

Jane Welch Chair‌

Anne Berg                  VyWay Market and Brand Strategy       

Teresa Biss                  Bremer Bank     

Mary Doyle                  HealthPartners, Ret.   

Christine Ebert            Ameriprise Financial     

Janie Finn                   Finnesse Partners         

Brighid Hansen          Hansen, Henley, Yoder & Lamb

Julie Koch                  Epiq

Cheri Sabol               Well Farmer Marketing

Yvonne Shorts Lind    University of Minnesota           

Stephanie Tuntland     SALO LLC

Kris Willardson


2020 Sponsors and Partners


Kris Newcomer, Executive Director

Laura Feile, Program Manager

Melissa Gruber, Program Manager

Amy Tix, Communications Manager

“I really wanted to take the experiences I’ve had over the last couple years and hopefully help somebody who has also just been recently diagnosed as metastatic so they don’t have to go through as many of the questions and the struggles and trying to figure out metastatic disease fits into your life.” Firefly Guide

“I definitely want to keep being a Guide. I have — I love the connections I’ve made. And I think the work that Firefly is doing is amazing because it is making those one‑to‑one matches and finding somebody who is like you.” Firefly Guide


The Firefly Sisterhood is a non-profit organization. Every dollar we receive goes to supporting our program and matching inspirational breast cancer survivors with the recently diagnosed. Help us grow and bring more light to women in need.


Firefly Sisterhood is a non-profit 501(c)(3) and donations qualify as being
100% tax-deductible. Read our annual report 2018 Annual Report.

Address: 5775 Wayzata Blvd, Suite 700, Minneapolis, MN 55416

Phone 612-412-7713,

The Firefly Sisterhood does not:

  • Offer medical advice or opinions.
  • Endorse or recommend specific physicians, other healthcare providers, healthcare facilities, treatments or products.
  • Endorse or recommend any other product or service related to breast cancer treatment or rehabilitation.

Questions about our program?

call her at 612-412-7713