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The Firefly Sisterhood

The Firefly Sisterhood is a non-profit organization that fosters one-to-one connections between breast cancer survivors and the newly diagnosed. Breast cancer can be devastating. However, we know that with the support of someone who has been through treatment, surgery or reconstruction, the journey from diagnosis to remission can be less daunting. As a nonprofit organization we are governed by a board of directors. Women from all walks of life, including breast cancer survivors, serve on our board. The Firefly Sisterhood board is responsible for carrying out the mission of the organization, to ensure we are focused on our work of fostering connections. We have two people on staff. Kris Newcomer is our Executive Director and Jenny Cook is our Program Manager. Volunteers, who bring a breadth of experience and knowledge to our work, support these two. We are building our organization slowly and working to understand the needs of women facing a breast cancer diagnosis and those who have already been there. We currently serve women in the Twin Cities area, which is our “beta” site. As we listen and learn, our goal is to build a model that can be used in other communities.

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