Authentic Stories

Firefly Sisterhood connects women diagnosed with breast cancer and trained breast cancer survivors to offer support, guidance and hope.Authentic Stories from Real Women

At Firefly Sisterhood, we know how important it is to share honest stories. We are committed to telling the stories of the people we serve, both our Guides and women who are recently diagnosed with breast cancer. In so doing, we learn from these inspirational women, part of their experience, the unique challenges they may have faced, and the healing they are creating in their lives.

Technology is a significant source of our communication, and we take authenticity very seriously. We are careful to use only photos of women involved with Firefly and share stories of the women we serve. The audio platform, Sound Cloud, gives us the opportunity to offer the distinct voices of these women as they talk about their experiences with breast cancer and about such topics as Guide training, fears, relationship challenges, the process of being matched and the unique model of Firefly support.

We invite you to listen in on the wisdom and experience of others here


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