Join our breast cancer support community as a Peer Mentor Guide and provide personalized, one-to-one support for women facing a breast cancer diagnosis.

Firefly Sisterhood connects women diagnosed with breast cancer to inspirational survivors and thrivers for hope, healing, and encouragement. Peer Mentor Guides are breast cancer survivors/thrivers who volunteer their time and their hearts to provide one-to-one social and emotional support to help guide and light the way through breast cancer.

Listen to a Firefly Peer Mentor Guide on why she became a Peer Mentor Guide: Why I joined Firefly

How do I become a Peer Mentor Guide?

First Step: Tell us about you on our Become a Guide Form. We’ll ask you a few basic questions on our online form to start you on your way to being matched with someone seeking support.

Once we’re received your form, our staff will contact you to complete an intake phone call. We’ll ask you further details about your breast cancer diagnosis and treatment so we can make sure your matches are closely aligned with your experience.

Next Step: All Peer Mentor Guides complete a New Guide training session specifically developed for Firefly Sisterhood. The session is tailored to help our Peer Mentor Guides best use their personal breast cancer experience to comfort and guide their Firefly Sisters.

Firefly Sisterhood’s interactive training covers:

The Role of a Peer Mentor Guide
Listening and Communication Skills
Dealing with Feelings & Emotions
Self-Care Tools
Mentorship Strategies

Once you’ve completed the intake phone call and New Guide training session, we’ll mark you as an Active Peer Mentor Guide in our database, and we’ll contact you when a compatible support seeker matches your experience.

In addition to our New Peer Mentor Guide training, as a Firefly Peer Mentor Guide, you’ll also have access to ongoing Peer Mentor Guide training and social events throughout the year.

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What is a Peer Mentor Guide?
All Peer Mentor Guides are breast cancer survivors and thrivers that volunteer their time to support someone facing a breast cancer diagnosis. They’ve completed a special training program developed for Firefly Sisterhood to help them best use their personal breast cancer experience to comfort and guide those they will be mentoring.

Is my information confidential?
Yes, anything shared with Firefly Sisterhood will never be shared with anyone outside of the matching process.

When will I be matched?
Once we complete your mentor profile and you complete a New Guide training session, you will be added to our matching database. You will be contacted as soon as we have a support seeker whose experience is compatible with yours. There is no telling how long this could take.

How often do Firefly Sisters connect?
Once you are matched, it’s up to you and your Sister to determine how frequent you would like to connect. The match may result in a few reassuring phone calls or could continue for months during the support seeker’s treatment. Each relationship is unique and builds on honest communication between you and your Sister.

Are all connections one-to-one?
Yes, our primary goal is to create meaningful one-to-one connections. However, you may from time to time be asked to be a part of a panel for a support seeker trying to make a difficult decision about her treatment plan. We also regularly organize social and educational gatherings to provide connections, support, and friendship within our community.

How are the connections monitored?
We will send emails to matched Sisters at one month and six months after a match is made to verify that the connection was successful. If at anytime the connection does not feel successful, you are encouraged to contact a staff member.

Do all matches live in the same city?
Because we provide support coast to coast, your matches may be living anywhere as long as they are able to commuicate in a way that works for both the Guide and Support Seeker. This can include email, phone calls, instant messaging, FaceTime, etc. A support seeker can indicate a preference for a local match and we will do our best to accommodate this request.

Do Peer Mentor Guides offer medical advice?
No, our Peer Mentor Guides are trained to not provide medical advice or diagnose a medical problem.