Birthday Reminiscing

“It was strange to think that one day I might have my own stack of yellowed photos to show skeptical grandchildren – and my own fantastic stories to share.”
― Ransom RiggsMiss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Are you collecting your own fantastic stories to tell the next generation? Stories from “way back when” and tales of the “good ol’ days?”

At Firefly Sisterhood, we’re privileged to collect stories as well, and what better time to reminisce than as we celebrate our birthday this May? So join us on a trip down memory lane with a few of our Firefly stories:

  • Firefly Sisterhood was founded in March, 2014, when Yoplait was named General Mills’ Big Bold Experiment winner, and we started matching women just two months later. Read about the Yoplait team’s ideas, research, and innovation in starting Firefly: https://www.fireflysisterhood.org/our-founding-story/#.WP-4NtIrKUk
  • In our initial days of matching inspirational survivors and women recently diagnosed with breast cancer, Firefly produced a video describing the program. About a minute long, the video shows several brave and courageous breast cancer survivors and volunteers with Firefly Sisterhood. Enjoy our first video: https://youtu.be/67-RXOGwLHM
  • The special connection between two Firefly Sisters—Gretchen and Susan—was captured in a short, poignant video. While their story is unique, it’s filled with themes that we hear from others who have been matched through Firefly: https://youtu.be/crSZ_DgAHqU
  • The Firefly blog was started in the early days when we were a staff of just two: Kris Newcomer, Executive Director, and Jenny Cook, Program Manager. The goal of our blog is to share Firefly stories, news, partnerships, and educational information with the greater breast cancer community in the Twin Cities and across the Web. Read one of our first blogs describing Firefly: https://www.fireflysisterhood.org/aboutus/#.WP-wjdIrKUk
  • If a picture says a thousand words, enjoy the rich Firefly stories told by the photos we have collected at various Firefly events, from Summer Social to Firefly Dialogues: https://spark.adobe.com/page/ELCiMbpCyu4II/

We look forward to many more birthdays, many more Firefly matches, and many more memories. Thank you for making Firefly Sisterhood possible—we wouldn’t be here without each of you!

Written by Amy Tix, Firefly Staffer and breast cancer survivor.

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