Breast Cancer and Intimacy

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 9.27.58 AMA Preview of Upcoming Firefly Dialogues on Intimacy

Questions and issues related to intimacy after a breast cancer diagnosis can feel daunting and downright embarrassing. As with many aspects of the cancer experience, women often wonder if they are alone in their specific concerns. The overriding question so often becomes, “Is this normal?”

During our upcoming Firefly Dialogues on intimacy, we will create an open, frank, and trusting environment in which we will discover just how common so many of these questions are for women. These women-only events will give you the opportunity to discreetly ask the uncomfortable and sometimes difficult questions you might have with regard to intimacy and sex, such essential parts of our whole selves as humans. These honest conversations, provided in a safe venue, will be guided by Nurse Practitioner, Jennifer Hierlinger, whose specialties include sexual health and cancer, gynecologic oncology, and geriatrics.

In anticipation of the Dialogues, we’d like to share a few of the questions that are so often asked:

  • How can I still experience pleasure and desire after cancer treatment (solo or with a partner) with my current body and the new relationship I have with it?
  • How can my partner understand this and not feel rejected?
  • I am feeling a whole lot less desirable since experiencing the side effects of treatment. What can I do to help myself feel more attractive and positive about my body changes?

While there will be time during the Firefly Dialogues to ask and answer personal questions, some women may feel uncomfortable doing so. We still want to hear from you! Please feel free to email your questions and/or topics to Amy at amy@fireflysisterhood.org, and they will be addressed anonymously during the discussion. Or you can call our office to share your questions anonymously.

Interested in joining us but haven’t yet registered for one of the Firefly Dialogues? We are offering one in Eagan on March 15th and one in Minnetonka on March 21st; select the one that best fits your schedule. Both are free and open to all breast cancer patients and survivors in the Twin Cities. Space is limited, so please call our office at 952-582-2972, email Amy at amy@firflysisterhood.org, or register on Eventbrite.

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