One-to-One Support

That quick email that lets you know someone knows what you are going through. That phone call in the late evening where you learn you have the strength inside of you to face your fear. That moment in a coffee shop laughing over the third pan of lasagna delivered this week. Talking with that person who brings you hope and optimism. At Firefly Sisterhood that is our mission: fostering one-to-one connections between women recently diagnosed with breast cancer and inspirational survivors. These connections are personal and local.

Firefly Sisterhood started out at as an idea, an identified need: “Helping a woman deal with the shocks of diagnosis and treatment is more than a matter of filling gaps in her knowledge… Access to the experiences and support of others is also crucial.” We are now a non-profit organization whose vision is a world where no one faces breast cancer alone. Our board of directors and staff is committed to living our mission, fostering connections.

We work with all local health systems, physicians, care coordinators, social workers, nurse navigators, along with many local organizations that help women with breast cancer. Our trained mentors, who we call guides, do not give out medical advice, treatment advice or make referrals to doctors or clinics. Rather they provide that listening ear, pose those questions that help you figure out what are your questions, and shine a light on the path you are taking. Mostly our guides provide support for this life-changing event because they too have been where you are. For our guides, women who have already learned to live with this life changing disease,

Firefly Sisterhood provides a place to give back, a way to help someone else find their way and face their fears. As part of our program, our guides find an ongoing sisterhood, one that offers support, new connections and continued healing. Women instantly understand your journey with out a word ever being said. Join us, we need your help. Become a guide, recommend your friend who was just diagnosed, support us with a donation, tell others about us. “I feel that I am not alone in this fight with cancer, that I have great courageous women on my side who are willing to guide and support me.”

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