Cancer Support Organizations

Highlighting a Few of our Partner Organizations.

At Firefly Sisterhood, we are fortunate to partner with excellent organizations in the community who are committed to improving the lives of people facing a health crisis. Family and friends often provide much needed support; however, for many men and women with critical needs, more assistance is often required in order to gain emotional, financial, and physical strength. This is where Firefly Sisterhood and a few of our partner organizations have the opportunity to provide our services.

One admired organization to whom we refer our clients and who, in turn, refer women to us, is Angel Foundation. Offering emergency financial assistance, education, and support for adults with cancer and their families, Angel Foundation helps to ease the minds of those with financial worries following a cancer diagnosis.

Gilda’s Club Twin Cities, one of our newer partners, is the local affiliate of the international Cancer Support Community. The clubhouse, with its signature red doors, is a place where people living with cancer can go for social, emotional, and psychological support. In this warm, welcoming atmosphere, individuals and groups learn from each other, as well as from licensed professionals.

Another local organization and partner of Firefly Sisterhood, Hope Chest for Breast Cancer provides access to help with the most urgent emergency needs of financially challenged women and men diagnosed with breast cancer. Hope Chest is a unique combination of a foundation and resale shops that generates finances to support charitable programs within the Twin Cities and Rochester areas. These programs, in turn, fund their emergency assistance program. This is another organization that exists to alleviate the financial burdens of those facing a breast cancer diagnosis.

We are honored to work with these important organizations in our area toward a shared vision of improving the lives and wellbeing of people affected by breast and other cancers. Thank you to our partners in action!


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