Chemo Brain Strategies

Cancer-Induced Cognitive Impairment: Strategies for Success In last week’s blog post, four of our Firefly Guides shared with us what it’s like to live with cancer-induced cognitive impairment, a.k.a. “chemo brain” (in case you missed it, Darla Coss, Occupational Therapist, … Continue reading →

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When to listen

When to Listen…or Not A breast cancer diagnosis comes, and with it, words: words of support; words of advice; words of concern; words of experience; and so many more through which to sort. A poet, writer, and breast cancer survivor, … Continue reading →

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Hope: A four Letter Word We All Could Use Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines hope, among its many definitions, as: Someone or something that may be able to provide help; someone or something that gives you a reason for hoping.  This definition aligns … Continue reading →

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Three Generations

The Strength of Three Generations of Females In the spring of 2015, Melissa and Adam King had been married seven years and were living comfortable lives. Melissa had started a new job, both she and Adam felt fulfilled by their … Continue reading →

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