Chemo Brain Strategies

Cancer-Induced Cognitive Impairment: Strategies for Success In last week’s blog post, four of our Firefly Guides shared with us what it’s like to live with cancer-induced cognitive impairment, a.k.a. “chemo brain” (in case you missed it, Darla Coss, Occupational Therapist, … Continue reading →

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When to listen

When to Listen…or Not A breast cancer diagnosis comes, and with it, words: words of support; words of advice; words of concern; words of experience; and so many more through which to sort. A poet, writer, and breast cancer survivor, … Continue reading →

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Hope: A four Letter Word We All Could Use Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines hope, among its many definitions, as: Someone or something that may be able to provide help; someone or something that gives you a reason for hoping.  This definition aligns … Continue reading →

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