Caught! Fireflies in Action: A Match

At Firefly, we have the privilege of seeing, hearing, and witnessing how a Firefly match relationship can profoundly impact the experiences of women diagnosed with breast cancer every day for the past 5 years.

In the second part of our Caught! Fireflies in Action blog/podcast series, we’d like to share the story of two women—Amy (a Firefly Guide) and Jeni (her Firefly Sister)—who were matched through Firefly. We don’t often get the chance to share match details, and love that we were able to “catch” these two “fireflies” in the podcast studio for an interview.

In today’s episode, Jeni describes how her first in-person meeting with Amy felt like a first date, including some nervousness on her part! She didn’t need to worry, however, as you can listen to how this match has progressed through the mutual sharing of cancer pet peeves, concerns about their teenagers, changing relationships with their spouses, and shared passion for causes.

Each Firefly match is unique. Some are a single conversation about surgical choices. Others last throughout a woman’s surgeries and treatments. And some will continue past the need for support through breast cancer – like this match between Amy and Jeni.

A sincere thank you to Amy and Jeni for sharing their story with us and with you, our listeners.

In this episode:

  • Jeni shares information about her We Demand 3D mammogram program. If you would like more information about her work in this, click HERE.
  • Amy shares information about her work with upcoming Golf Tournaments: the Firefly Shine-On Classic on July 22nd (find information and register HERE), and The Coleberry Golf Tournament that benefits HopeKids on August 5th (find information HERE). Both are at Edinburgh Golf Course in Brooklyn Park.

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Written and produced by Amy Tix, breast cancer survivor and Firefly staffer, who loves that the Firefly match can be likened to “The Dating Game.” LOL!

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