Heart Healthy: Connecting With Friends

Scientific research in health and well-being has determined that healthy relationships can help you live longer, deal with stress effectively, be healthier at any age, and feel richer (yup, the same feeling as having a 50% increase in your income)!

If your first reaction was, “I’d take the pay increase instead,” we hope you’d reconsider. Researchers have found that individuals who feel alone and isolated suffer the same health risks associated with smoking, high blood pressure, and obesity. Low social support is linked to depression (breast cancer patients reporting fewer good social connections reported higher levels of depression, pain, and fatigue), decreased immune function (increased chances of becoming sick), and high blood pressure (associated with many health conditions).

During February, join us as we focus on heart healthy social connections and relationships. First up: friendship. We asked some folks about their friendships: what these relationships mean to them, how they maintain their relationships, and how these relationships impact them. Take a listen and read their responses by clicking on the video below, then share your own stories of how your friendships have positively impacted YOU!

Heart Healthy: Connecting With Friends

The following website contains information and resources about nurturing relationships as well as references to the published scientific research:


Other websites that have information about nurturing relationships:

Written and compiled by Amy Tix, Firefly Staffer and breast cancer survivor, whose good friends are instrumental to her well-being!

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