Holiday Survival for the Cancer Survivor

The “Holidays”: that time of year between Halloween and New Year’s Day.

A time of year that is often filled with family gatherings, delicious food, gift-giving, and (well, let’s be honest here) stress.

At Firefly, we understand that a cancer diagnosis or caring for someone with cancer can often make this an especially difficult time of year. You may have the following concerns:

  • How do I tell my family and/or friends I have cancer during what is supposed to be a festive gathering?
  • Is it OK to not talk about my cancer diagnosis and treatment?
  • Traveling and being away from home and my doctors is scary.

We’d like to share our holiday survival blogs, a 3-part series in which real cancer survivors in the Firefly program share wisdom that may help you navigate this season’s social events and activities.

  • The first in the series, Advice from our Friends, features Firefly participants sharing insights concerning holiday gatherings and events.
  • Our second blog, Holiday Conversations, shares information for survivors who may or may not want to share their diagnosis and treatment with family and friends.
  • In the final blog, Traveling with Cancer, participants share tips for survivors who may be traveling during the holidays.

If you’ve successfully navigated the holidays and have additional insights and wisdom to add to our blog series, please post your comments at the end of the relevant blog.

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