“I Can Do That!” Unique Ways to Support Firefly Sisterhood

As a nonprofit organization, Firefly Sisterhood depends on the support of donors – corporations, foundations, grantors, and individuals – who feel passionate about our mission to connect women recently diagnosed with breast cancer and inspirational survivors. To say we’re appreciative is an understatement! And while people want to help in a big way, we know that not everyone is in a position to make a large financial donation. We’re often asked how people can spread the word or how they can help motivate others to donate. We’d like to share some compelling ideas from a few of our supporters.

Host a Girls’ Night or other fun gathering

As someone who enjoys bringing people together, Eva often opens her home to her wide group of friends. Last October, Eva, a Firefly Guide, decided to combine her love for entertaining and her commitment to our organization. She spread the word among her friends and neighbors that she was having an open house-style gathering. Eva put some Firefly Mason jars by her door during the party and gave her guests the opportunity to donate their spare change to a cause they knew was dear to her. “It was such an easy thing to do, since I love to throw a party anyway!” As people came and went throughout the evening, their donations filled 6 Mason jars to the brim, to the tune of nearly $500!

Shopping with a purpose

Amy, a friend of Firefly who lives in Florida, found another way to support our organization while engaging in work she already loves to do, though she would more accurately describe it as “play.” Amy’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987, and she’s been involved in a variety of activities over the years to support women facing this disease. “My mom has three daughters, and I’ve always known any one of us could face a diagnosis, so I want to do what I can.” As a successful side job, Amy is a Senior Consultant for Thirty-One Gifts, a direct sales company. She explains, “I wanted to have my own purpose and be able to do fundraisers and give donations in the way I wanted, something different than directly asking for dollars.” Last winter, Amy selected Firefly Sisterhood as the recipient of an online fundraiser, selling a variety of bags and gifts with 25% of all sales donated to our organization.

Make it automatic

Anna was originally matched with a Guide following her breast cancer diagnosis and now serves as a Guide herself. She uses a different method to offer her financial support to help more women recently diagnosed connect with a peer mentor. As someone who chooses to offer her time and money to several organizations, Anna took time to write down exactly what was important to her in terms of financial stewardship. She worked out a budget that fit her goals. Rather than donating a lump sum to Firefly, Anna set up a monthly payment plan with her bank. “It was so easy, and now I don’t even have to think about it,” she says. Anna appreciates receiving a letter each month from Firefly thanking her for her gift. She uses these for tax reporting, and they’re also a regular reminder of the impact she’s making on Firefly Sisterhood.

The ideas are limitless: the fun of a lemonade stand, “hosting” a Mason jar at a place of work, connecting us with a high school sport’s team so they can host a Firefly “Light the Night” event, and the list goes on. Firefly is deeply grateful for the many ways in which people demonstrate their commitment to our shared vision of ensuring no one in our community faces a breast cancer diagnosis alone.

Do you have a unique/fun/clever fundraising idea to share? Interested in learning more? Let us know! Email Kris at kris@fireflysisterhood.org.

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