It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Today’s Hero! Part 4: Firefly Donors

Are you familiar with the saying, “green with envy”? At Firefly, we would like to introduce a new one: glowing with gratitude.

Every single day presents us with an opportunity to glow with gratitude. Today is no different. This ordinary Tuesday, we definitely have our glow on!

We are glowing with gratitude for the Everyday Heroes that support women recently diagnosed with breast cancer by contributing financially to Firefly Sisterhood’s one-to-one matching program. We think you’ll glow with us after reading the following stories.

Meg’s Story

In March of 2012, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My treatment went smoothly, and I am so grateful for the support of family and friends who stayed with me, brought meals to me and my family and sent cards and flowers. I was overwhelmed with their care and generosity.

In 2017, I was searching my healthcare provider’s “patient resources” website and found a link to Firefly Sisterhood. I read the background and description of Firefly and realized that I wanted to be a part of this organization! I quickly called Jenny at Firefly and volunteered to be a uide.

Since then, I have been matched with four women recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Through these relationships and my own experience, I have seen how important it is to have people you can lean on and talk with while trying to make life-altering decisions. I am honored to be able to help others who are dealing with this disease.

Based on my experience as a patient and Firefly Guide, I know how important the work of Firefly Sisterhood is to women recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I support Firefly Sisterhood with a monthly donation because I know firsthand how important it is to have someone in your life that understands the decisions, the emotions and the physical toll it takes to fight breast cancer.  Shine on!

Joan’s Story

My daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was young and I see how her involvement in Firefly Sisterhood has changed her life in such a positive way. I donate to Firefly Sisterhood because I want other women recently diagnosed with breast cancer to experience that same positive impact during such a negative diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. She doesn’t need my help and support anymore, now that her treatments and surgeries are done, so supporting Firefly seems like the next step, some way to continue helping others going through something similar.

Anna’s Story

When I was first diagnosed I was introduced to the Firefly Sisterhood. They helped me in more ways than I ever imagined so now that I’m in a better place financially I give back with a monthly donation that can go towards training, matches, and program development. Turns out, my company has a matching program so my donation is doubled and goes to support something I’m passionate about.

We’d like to end with this image of our glowing Firefly: if you look carefully, notice that our usual firefly’s glowing tail has burst into shards of glowing light that extend outward. Your donations do this: they help us expand our program, provide support for more and more women recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and train additional Firefly Guides. We’re simply glowing with gratitude (for some of you, we are #glowingwithgratitude)!

Written by Amy Tix, Communications Manager at Firefly Sisterhood, who glows with gratitude every single day that she works with such amazing individuals who give their time, talent and treasure to Firefly in support of women – like her – who have endured breast cancer.

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