Looking back to Jan. 2014

Sometimes to see how far you have come, you need to look back. Two years ago, January 2014, Firefly Sisterhood was an idea. It was an idea with a unique concept, a distinct logo and a goal of a community where no on faces breast cancer alone. There was one lone part time staff person, myself.

For me, Firefly Sisterhood presented an opportunity to do what I love: putting together a puzzle.The conundrum was trying to figure out how to build a program that met the needs of women who needed one-to-one support when they were going through breast cancer treatment. But also a program that met the needs of women wanting and wishing to give back in a profound and personal way.

Another piece of the puzzle that needed to be put into place was the resources to build out this beautiful and bright idea. Thanks to Yoplait, our first and founding sponsor, we had the means to think three years out. Skill and knowledge came from the founding board of directors who stepped up to the challenge of creating an organization using only a sketch of a plan.

Then serendipity and karma took hold of the puzzle pieces, moving them into place for us. Enter our web guy, Nathan, who always answers our calls for help, our data-base guy, Philip, who solves our matching problems, our PR person, Katie, who makes sure we always get the best publicity throughout the year, and Susan, our inspired communications guru who created the story-telling project with us, showcasing how we do our work and the women who benefit. All random, brilliant people who came to our rescue exactly when we needed them.

Our dedicated staff filled out the largest parts of our puzzle. Jenny, who makes the match magic happen, was the first and much needed addition to the puzzle. Christy and Amy both joined us last August to fill in more of the picture. Amy keeps all the details of our work in synch and Christy grows the program in the community.

Then there are the committed volunteers, our Guides, who light the way for women dealing with breast cancer. They are the glow that emanates from our crazy puzzle, helping build our community into a place where no one faces breast cancer alone.

Without all of these wonderful, dedicated people, our puzzle would still be just an outline, the edge pieces with no center. Thank you for a puzzle-tastic two years.

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