What a year it has been

Let us introduce you to Firefly Sisterhood. We are a small non-profit organization that fosters one-to-one connections between women dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis and those who have been there. And we have a goal of being national in five years.

In December 2013, we were inspired to create something that wasn’t available but needed. Today we have 60 trained volunteers and have created Firefly Sisterhood connections for 45 women going through breast cancer.

In December 2013, we had no organizational structure. Today we have an Executive Director, Program Manager, and a dedicated board of directors, all focused on living the mission and achieving the vision.

In December 2013, we had no sponsors. Today we have a founding sponsor, more than 30 individual donors and organizations working with us to realize our vision of a world where no one faces breast cancer alone. In twelve months, we’ve turned a simple idea into a thriving non-profit with a profound mission. In the process, we’ve made a positive impact on those in need and inspired others to offer their love, experience and support.

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