Our name

FIreflies Many of us have memories of trying to catch lightning bugs on warm summer nights. Running around in the grass, reaching out with our mason jars to catch hold of these bugs that looked like stars so close we could touch them.

We often get asked where the name “Firefly” came from and why. The original name was Big Sister, Bigger Sister. In concept a workable name, but in reality too close to the stellar organization Big Brothers Big Sisters. As most naming exercises go, the inspiration for the right name can come from odd sources. In this instance our copywriter’s mother was a spiritual healer in Australia. Kris and his mother were skyping about this project, what the organization wanted to do, and his trouble coming up with a unique name. She was the one who instantly understood the idea and shouted out the name: Firefly seemed so right.

Those lightning bugs that lit up our summer nights, now named fireflies, were bright spots on dark nights, guiding us through the late evening to wonderful places.

And that is what our Firefly Sisters do, light up the dark journey of breast cancer, illuminating the way forward with hope.

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