Second in a Series of Personal Breast Cancer Stories: Eva Pappas

A diagnosis of breast cancer often forces extensive transformations in a woman’s life, changes that affect a woman physically, emotionally, and extremely personally. The vast majority of these changes are done to a woman. She often has few opportunities to make meaningful decisions of her willing. Sometimes, however, she is able to make her own choice to effect change in her life in a positive and creative way.

Eva is one such woman who took the difficult reality of breast cancer treatment and did the unexpected. Diagnosed in 2007 at the age of 42, Eva was a strong advocate for herself from the very beginning. She talks about how she felt the need to go inward rather than spending time “with people that really had no idea what I was going through.” For her, it was important to learn as much as she could on her own and to move forward with conviction.

Listen to what Eva did to change things up a bit upon learning she would lose her hair to chemotherapy: Eva’s Story

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