Tattoos Following Reconstruction: a Podcast

We are excited to launch Breast Cancer 1 to 1 with Firefly Sisterhood, a podcast that connects women diagnosed with breast cancer to inspirational survivors, experts in the breast cancer field, and relevant self-care, wellness, and breast cancer related information. Never miss an episode: subscribe on iTunesStitcher, and Apple Podcasts to get monthly episodes as they become available.

Welcome to Podcast Episode 1:Tattoos Following Breast Reconstruction: An Interview Tattoo Artist Trent Wyczawski
Trent is a tattoo artist specializing in 3D nipple/areola tattoos and decorative/picture tattoos following breast reconstruction. Listen as he shares important information for women considering tattoos, questions to ask your tattoo artist, and more.

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Produced by Amy Tix, breast cancer survivor and Firefly staffer who learned so much from interviewing Trent!

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