The Campfire Project: Breast Cancer Support

Gathering around a campfire is a place to tell stories, learn from others and build community. The glow of the fire, the quiet end of the day, the camaraderie, all make campfires a meaningful tradition in our communities.

It is those connections and story sharing that Firefly Sisterhood’s Campfire project is based upon. Being around a “campfire” creates connections that are local and personal.

The Campfire Project is designed to build upon our One-to-One program, providing opportunities to gather together, learn from each other, and build a community of support. The project serves our mentors, our Guides, who still have the desire to connect with others. Campfires are open to all Guides and interested Guides.  For them, breast cancer is still a part of their lives though family and friends may have moved on.

This coming year we are hosting seven campfires, six small ones for Guides scattered throughout the Twin Cities at local coffee shops. Each Campfire will have a specific educational focus, a time for socializing, a time for learning and a time for sharing. Jenny Cook, our Program Manager, will lead the small campfires with the help of our volunteer guides. Campfires are open to all, free of charge. Follow us on Facebook or sign up here for our monthly newsletter to learn about upcoming dates and locations.

Just as our namesake fireflies come together to light the way on a dark night, our Campfire Project fosters connections, offers hope and shines a light on journey through breast cancer.

2 thoughts on “The Campfire Project: Breast Cancer Support

  1. Jane Overby on said:

    I think I would like some more information on becoming a Guide. I was diagnosed with IDC on Christmas Eve, 2013, and have finished reconstruction, following chemo, mastectomy and having my ovaries removed. I’m starting to get my mental and physical strength back. I was cared for by so many amazing friends and I would like to start paying it forward. Please let me know the best way join you. Jane

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