The Value of Giving Time to a Cause (by Deb, Guest Blogger)

Mother’s Day is approaching.

While not all of us get a warm, fuzzy feeling about our moms, is there someone in your life who offers you that loving, trusted mom-like presence? Someone in which:

“Being a real parent isn’t in the DNA, it’s in the heart.” (Motherhood: the Uncut Truth)

This week, as we prepare the honor the Moms in our lives, Firefly wants to share some #RoleModelMoms that are part of our Firefly program. Read their stories, then share your own #RoleModelMom with our audience! Our first short story is from Debbie:

The Value of Giving Time to a Cause

Growing up, I watched my parents participate in many activities outside their paid jobs to help our growing community. I saw how much fun they had working at fundraisers, helping those in need, or supporting our elementary school. Because of their example, I have been volunteering most of my life.

Volunteering gives me a sense of purpose outside of my family. I hope I am a role model to my children by showing them the value of giving time to a cause. Helping others releases endorphins, which make you feel good mentally. You meet new people and foster connections with others with a shared interest. When you volunteer, you join a community, whether it be feeding the hungry, helping domestic abuse victims, working with children, or being a peer mentor with Firefly Sisterhood.

Having been on the receiving end of Firefly guide mentors, it gave me hope that someone would share their personal experience with breast cancer. I decided to be a peer mentor, hoping that I could have the same impact in someone else’s life.

Volunteer. Giving your time is important. Help spread hope and joy in your community.

Written by Debbie, “I am a 46 year old mother to 2 teenage boys and married to my best friend. I was diagnosed at age 43 with metastatic breast cancer de novo to my bones. I have been on a number of treatments, radiation and other medical interventions as my cancer has spread to my liver. I currently volunteer as the president of the middle school PTO, as a Guide at Firefly and I am trying to start a Metavivor East Metro support group. I continue to live each day as it comes, sharing my story with others, traveling and enjoying coffee with friends.

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