Collaborating with the Minnesota Cancer Alliance

At times, Firefly Sisterhood feels as tiny as our glowing mascot.

Especially when we consider the many, many organizations and leaders from across Minnesota that make up the Minnesota Cancer Alliance (MCA). Firefly has been a lifetime member and contributor.

Members of the MCA represent public health and health care organizations, cancer centers, culturally diverse organizations, researchers, nonprofit organizations, cancer survivors, caregivers, and advocates — all dedicated to reducing cancer burden, from prevention and detection to treatment survivorship and end-of-life care.

However small we may feel, Firefly shines brightly in this group of cancer advocates. Kris Newcomer, Firefly’s Executive Director and MCA Cancer Conference Chair has been instrumental in planning and executing the 2021 Annual Cancer Conference. This year, the Conference’s content will focus on Eliminating Barriers to Excellent Cancer Care in Minnesota.

“Firefly Sisterhood firmly believes in addressing health equity and health disparities in cancer care for all Minnesotans,” Kris begins. “It is so exciting that the Conference’s virtual platform this year allows us to have speakers and experts from the top cancer institutions in the U.S leading this four-part Conference,” she states.

The 2021 MCA Annual Cancer Conference’s virtual sessions will be held Wednesdays, February 17th through March 10th, from 1-3 pm. Each session will center on current research, best practices, and conversations about what is working in each of the following areas: (1) Access to Cancer Care, (2) Removing Barriers, (3) Rural Health, and (4) COVID & Cancer.

“Because of the pandemic, this year’s virtual platform means there is no need to drive to the Twin Cities, find parking, and spend an entire day inside!” Kris laughs. “You choose which sessions best fit your interests and schedule and join from the comfort of your home!” she exclaims.

Are you a survivor, caregiver, or advocate? Do you have an interest in cancer? “Anyone can attend the Conference’s sessions,” Kris says encouragingly. “Attend one, two, three, or all of them! We need as many people as possible to join in on reducing and eliminating health disparities and inequities in our great state,” she finishes.

Individual conference tickets are $30, and access to all four conferences is $100. If you are a health professional, CE credits will be available.

A huge thank you to Kris for volunteering her time and talent towards organizing this year and previous MCA Annual Cancer Conferences.

Now it’s your turn. Be a part of the solution: glow with Firefly at the 2021 MCA Annual Cancer Conference!

Find out more about the Minnesota Cancer Alliance HERE. Or take a look at their infographic for a quick reference: minnesota-cancer-alliance-infograph

Written by Amy Tix, Firefly staffer and 14+ year breast cancer survivor.

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