Heart Healthy: Family Ties

Family. This single word can bring up many emotions and feelings.

We recognize that family members can drive us crazy, they can hurt us deeply, and they can cause permanent mental and emotional damage.

But family can also accept us for who we are, love us unconditionally, and boost our health and well-being.

During February, join us in celebrating family and the health benefits that come with those connections. One of our Firefly participants kindly volunteered to gather the thoughts and feelings of family members regarding family ties. We think you’ll enjoy he multi-generational insights in their responses.

Heart Healthy: Family Ties

The following website contains information and resources about connecting with family, developing relationship skills, a guided forgiveness meditation, and references to scientific research and publications relating to the topic:


Other websites that have information about nurturing relationships:

Written and compiled by Amy Tix, Firefly Staffer and breast cancer survivor, who is fortunate to have a large, loving family!

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