The Firefly Sisterhood Mission

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.40.22 PMThe mission of the Firefly sisterhood is to foster one-to-one connections between women recently diagnosed with breast cancer and inspirational survivors.

As we approach our ninetieth match, we reflect on our mission statement.  Derived from our vision of a world where no one has to go through breast cancer alone, it truly grounds our everyday work in the values that define us and in the lives of the women we serve. We know that recently diagnosed women truly benefit from connections with fellow survivors. We know that survivors have great wisdom to offer, and that they value the opportunity to give back and connect. Thus, our aim is to make those connections possible for every woman with breast cancer.

So what does it mean to foster one-to-one connections? This is what it looks in action:

  • The Firefly Sisterhood collaborates with the community to create opportunities for women to develop mutually beneficial relationships.
  • The opportunities we create are deeply intentional: We carefully match women with similar circumstances to engender meaningful connections.
  • These connections are trusting and non-judgmental, providing a safe outlet for sharing and support, and removing the fear of asking for help.
  • Our trained Guides are not just sympathetic, but empathetic; they are ready, willing, and able to provide one-to-one support while letting each connection define itself uniquely.

This mission describes why the Firefly Sisterhood was created and what keeps us moving forward. We hope you’ll continue to support us, as we look toward an exciting second half of the year!

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