Caught! Fireflies in Action: a Conversation with Teresa Biss

Ah, it is summer! If you grew up in the Upper Midwest, do you remember chasing lightning bugs with a mason jar in hand, hoping to catch one? And if you did, you’d spend the rest of the evening staring through the glass walls of the jar as the firefly flashed its greenish glowing light?

Despite growing up and becoming and adult, it is still a magical sight – those fireflies blinking their tiney little light through the darkness. We love this time of year, when our namesake – the firefly – emerges and attempts are made (by kids and adults alike) to capture it for up-close viewing of it’s magical glow.

At Firefly Sisterhood, we have our own “fireflies” – Guides, supporters, donors, women recently diagnosed with breast cancer, referral partners, volunteers, event attendees, etc. And for the next few weeks, we’ve “caught” a few in action, doing what our “fireflies” do, and we’ll feature several in our blogs and podcasts, which will become metaphorical “mason jars” for you to look through and observe what goes on in the many facets of our organization.

In today’s podcast episode – Caught! Fireflies in Action – we are delighted to introduce you to Teresa Biss, who has had her breast cancer recur twice and turned her experience into action.

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Produced by Amy Tix, breast cancer survivor and Firefly staffer who, like Teresa, would love to see a cure for breast cancer, especially now that my daughters are teens and halfway to the age when I was diagnosed with the disease.

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2 thoughts on “Caught! Fireflies in Action: a Conversation with Teresa Biss

  1. Gaye Winter on said:

    Listened to interview with Teresa Biss. Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful woman she is! I had the privilege of teaching with her and what a nonstop woman!
    I was diagnosed with stage 1A February 2018, breast cancer, lumpectomy, and radiation became new words to our family’s vocabulary…so the new branch of life began.
    I cannot believe this came up on my iPad!

  2. Firefly Sisterhood on said:

    So glad you were able to listen to the podcast! We agree with your – Teresa is such a wonderful woman and Board Chair for our Firefly organization! Keep listening!

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